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Our 4G LTE Range Has Landed

Date - July 2019

Following the move at the end of last year to ship all our 2G intercoms with a 4G LTE antenna, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new range of 4G LTE intercoms!

The 4G LTE module inside the intercoms has a number of benefits over its 2G GSM predecessor.

  • Where 2G GSM network reliability has become an issue, the 4G LTE module has resolved the connection problem (providing there is a 4G or 3G signal in the area). Please see our announcement here for more information regarding 2G network reliability issues.
  • It works in lower signal strength areas as it needs less of a signal to operate successfully.
  • It’s backwards compatible to 3G and 2G, so even if there isn’t a 4G signal at site it will still work.
  • The looks of the intercom have been updated to make it look more contemporary.
  • The backbox is now made from a cast alloy in anthracite grey and the buttons are more tactile and vandal resistant, made out of a polycarbonate – similar to those used on some cash machines. The faceplate is still cut from 316 British marine grade stainless steel and features an IP64 rated keypad.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors can help signal potential water ingress where the intercom has not been installed correctly.
  • A silicone seal has been added to the backbox, which the faceplate sits on, reducing the possibility of water ingress even further.
  • Faceplate parking slots have been added to assist in the easy installation and wiring of 3rd party equipment, and reduce strain on the cabling within the intercom itself.
  • Alongside the reverse polarity indicator, and ‘overvolt’ LED has been added to signal when the unit is being overpowered.

We have also worked hard on our pricing structure to ensure that not only are our 4G LTE intercoms as well built and reliable as ever, they are now even more cost effective!

For more information on becoming an Optimus distributor or to arrange a demo of the new 4G LTE range, please contact us on 01306 710120 option 2.

Optimus forms part of the Commtel Group, a British manufacturer and distributor of intercoms used for door, gate and barrier access.