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The Ultimate Intercom Solutions

Intercom distributors are well aware that the entire industry has been evolving in leaps and bounds. Technology that may have provided cutting-edge solutions a handful of years ago has become quickly outdated. This is why suppliers need to remain one step ahead of the curve. Partnering with Optimus 4G LTE Intercoms is one of the most effective ways to keep abreast of the needs of the modern customer. One of the metrics which our firm stresses is the need to adopt a customised solution as opposed to retaining a static approach. This is why our personalised intercom systems are a cut above the rest in terms of both malleability and functionality. What are some of the benefits which can be passed on from the distributor to the end-user? The following points are some of the reasons why our firm has enjoyed a growing presence within this increasingly competitive landscape.

The Benefits of Going Fully Digital

Many of our systems are designed to be used within industrial and commercial locations. In the past typical intercoms were fashioned with paper display tags (such as the logo of a specific business). You could be problematic in the event that a new enterprise occupied a certain location. We have done away with this hindrance thanks to digital LCD displays. Intercoms can now be customised within a few easy steps, so businesses can display their identity without being concerned about physical signage.

Addressing Compatibility Concerns

Entry door systems are rarely used as standalone barriers. They will rather be employed in conjunction with other networks such as cameras and even digital answering machines. The good news is that the products offered by Optimus offer an adjustable panel that can be used to accommodate the cables and connections often associated with additional security features. The same holds true in regards to automatic answering machines and trade buttons if the need arises.

Unique Temporal Features

There can be times when a door entry intercom system will be required to perform different tasks depending upon the hour. This is why our products have a built-in relay time that can be adjusted between one and 60 seconds when needed. Furthermore, different phone numbers can be included. This is often beneficial when a business has a specific number during daytime operations and separate contact details during the overnight hours. The main intention in this case is to always be able to provide a visitor with an additional means of contact even if the location in question happens to be closed.

More than Commercial Properties Alone

There is no doubt that distributors of personalised intercom systems need to be able to adapt to the domestic marketplace in order to address the requirements of the average homeowner. This is why the products offered by Optimus are just as suited for domestic use. Whether utilised to augment an existing gated access system or as a security measure at a front entrance, flexibility is key. For example, homeowners can synchronise these intercoms with their existing smartphones via the GSM ONE application (iOS and Android systems are both supported). Other key takeaway points in regards to domestic clients include:

  • Eight different phone numbers can be called in the event that the initial line is engaged.
  • Up to 100 PIN codes can be programmed.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • An internal clock which offers three different time zones.

The physical range of door entry systems is likewise quite impressive, so distributors will be able to offer their clients a wide variety of styles and designs in order to suite entirely unique requirements.

Flexible Solutions for Modern Requirements

It has become increasingly challenging for distributors to keep up with the needs of their target client base. This is due in no small part to the fact that most customers have become heavily integrated into the digital world. In other words, they are now quite discriminating in regards to what types of security systems they wish to employ. Suppliers who wish to remain ahead of this curve will, therefore, need to employ cutting-edge solutions. This is when the team at Optimus 4G LTE Intercoms can help.

Why Partner with Optimus?

As opposed to offering generic solutions, our entry systems have been engineered to be able to adapt to unique requirements. This sense of flexibility is then bolstered with a two-year manufacturer warranty so that clients can enjoy greater peace of mind. Of course, it is always wise to take a closer look at our line of products in order to appreciate what is in store. In order to address additional questions or to place an order, please contact a representative. In terms of customised access solutions, we are at the top of our game.

Optimus forms part of the Commtel Group, a British manufacturer and distributor of intercoms used for door, gate and barrier access.