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Why Partner With An Intercoms Distributor Like Optimus?

The professional team at Optimus 4G LTE Intercoms is well aware of the fact that success within this competitive sector involves establishing flexible partnerships with well-respected distributors. While this is indeed beneficial in terms of addressing the needs of a global audience, the fact of the matter is that such a synergistic relationship allows distributors to appeal to a much wider target market. Not only are our 4G GSM intercoms associated with cutting-edge access control solutions, but we are actively looking to work together with third-party firms who wish to provide the end user with a superior array of customised options. What are some of the reasons why Optimus has become an extremely popular intercom distributor and what amenities can you expect when working with our team?

Fully Customisable Intercom Systems Designed for Modern Needs

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide truly flexible access control systems so that the discrete needs of the end user can be addressed. This architecture therefore incorporates several unique features including:

  • Call forwarding options for up to three separate phone numbers.
  • The ability to incorporate as many as 100 separate PIN codes (ideal when dealing with multiple individuals who require secure access).
  • 100 incoming phone numbers can be recognised.
  • A built-in clock with three separate time zones.
  • Possible timed trade facilities.
  • British Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time have both been internally programmed.

It should also be mentioned that these entry systems have been optimised for smartphone configuration. The bespoke GSM One application for both Android and iOS devices can be downloaded at https://optimus-uk.com/.

Streamlined and Straightforward Installation

Customers are always looking for an intercom distributor who remains one step ahead of the technological curve in terms of flexibility and security. However, it is just as important to note that our systems have been designed with a decidedly user-friendly edge. The installation process is therefore clear and straightforward. Programming requires no prior experience and the physical mounting templates are provided at no additional charge. Other advantages include an array of LEDs to indicate signal strength, SMS programming capabilities, a dedicated SIM card, and a website that provides additional guidance alongside answers to frequently asked questions. Please note that this system is fully compatible with all data- and voice-enabled SIM cards. However, the main takeaway point is that a minimal number of components ensure a rapid on-site installation.

Adhering to the Proper Regulations

Distributors likewise need to remain confident that the access systems they are promoting are in fully compliance with all of the appropriate regulations. The architecture supplied by Optimus 4G LTE Intercoms adheres to modern CE guidelines. Thus, distributors can reassure the end user that they are being sold products which adhere to modern health and safety standards. This will help to build confidence over time and to ensure a loyal client base.

Partnering with Our Firm

Distributors face an increasingly challenging marketplace in terms of the sheer number of intercom systems. This is why it is critical to work in synergy with a firm such as Optimus. Not only do we supply a wide range of end-user options, but all products are equipped with a full two-year manufacture's warranty. Becoming part of a globally recognised distribution service ensures that this very same market will be adequately addressed through the use of quality products and services.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an authorised distributor to take a closer look at our range of 4G LTE intercom solutions, please contact one of our team members at your convenience.

Optimus forms part of the Commtel Group, a British manufacturer and distributor of intercoms used for door, gate and barrier access.